Alberto Basalo Elevating Code Quality.

Senior developer crafting clean code with Angular, Node, Cypress, Jest... and AI robots.

You can hire me as a consultant or instructor.

Alberto Basalo
Angular consulting

Angular consulting

I have worked with Angular since version 1...

I can help you with the overall architecture, change detection issues, state management, or migration to newer versions.

Enterprise applications Architecture

Monorepo? Nx vs. CLI? DDD? Libraries? State management?...
I can help you choose and implement an accurate solution for your company.

Angular Architecture

Unit and end2end Testing

Write unit tests for your classes and functions with Jest and make sure the application does what the user expects with Cypress.

Modern Angular Migration

Since Angular version 16, there have been a ton of new functionalities to enjoy. Signals, standalone components, new template syntax, hydration...

Angular Architecture
Cypress Consulting

Cypress end-to-end testing done right.

Ensure quality with my professional tips and tricks.

Writing tests with Cypress can be a pleasure. I can help you start with your testing projects.

End-to-end Testing

Make sure the application does what the user expects with Cypress.

TypeScript consulting

TypeScript best practices.

Do you care about your code?

I can review your Node, Bun, or client-side code and help you implement best practices that work well with your human and artificial team.


Let me review your code base to find improving opportunities.

Angular Architecture

Unit and integration Testing

I can help you start writing tests for your classes and functions with Jest

Cursos de Angular, Cypress y Clean Code.

Cursos online bonificables por FUNDAE.

Cursos de Angular

Cursos de Angular

- Introducción a Angular (From zero to hero.)
- Testing con Angular (Jest & Cypress)
- Angular Avanzado (temario a medida.)
- Angular Moderno (Versión 17 en adelante.)

Para todos los niveles y en la versión que necesites. He enseñado angular a cientos de alumnos.

Cursos de Cypress

Cursos de Cypress

- Introducción a las pruebas e2e
- Cypress Avanzado (Temario a medida)

Cursos con el mejor retorno de inversión. Mejora la calidad de forma inmediata.

Cursos de código limpio

Cursos de código limpio y patrones.

- Introducción al código limpio
- Patrones de diseño.
- Arquitecturas de software.

Aplica los básicos del Clean Code de una manera práctica. Conoce el uso de los patrones de diseño y escoge la mejor arquitectura para tu próximo gran proyecto.

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I am here to help. Don`t hesitate to ask me anything about Angular, Cypress, Node, or Jest.

Alberto Basalo

Puedes escribirme también en Español.

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